Pinnacle Innovations - A Diverse Company Specializing in Lithium-ion battery technologies, 12Volt LED lighting, Web Site Design and Internet Technologies, Architectural Signage Fabrication and more...
Lithium ion batteries for cars, trucks, motorcycles, snowmobiles, jetskis, buses, medical wheelchairs and more
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Hours of Operation: We are open 7 days a week typically from 11am to 9pm Pacific Time (PST).

Contact Us by Phone: 604-510-0800

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Pinnacle Innovations
19885 44 Avenue
Langley, BC, Canada
V3A 3E3
NOTE: Please call first to arrange an in-person appointment.

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  • Electrical Systems Installations:
    $179.00 CAD per hour or by Fixed Contract Rate. In some cases we may sub-contract other firms to perform some or all of the work and charge out at their rates.
    NOTE: In some cases we are able to travel to assist with installations - including overseas. We have travelled to Taiwan, Florida and other locations for Clients. Rates to be negotiated.
  • System Design/Detailed Quotations:
    In some cases we may need to charge for this. Normally we offer from 4-6 hours of consultations and communications without charge but if your project is complicated, we offer system design services and/or there are frequent changes we may need to charge extra at the rate of
    $179.00 CAD per hour or we may ask the Client for an initial "deposit" towards extended consultations and to offset system design costs. In many cases the "deposit" can be credited towards the purchase of the main components of the system but it is non-refundable once the design/ quoting work begins.
  • Custom Fabrications:
    $$179.00 CAD per hour or by Fixed Contract Rate.
  • Custom Paint Work:
    from $179.00 CAD per hour.
Pinnacle Innovations offers products by these respected Manufacturers through our other website at
Lithium-ion Batteries, NeverDie Battery Management Systems & more:
Visit our main website for Lithionics lithium-ion battery systems
Off-Grid/ Hybrid Clean Energy and Solar Energy Products:

Click here for more info on Xantrex and Victron Energy high power inverter-chargers
OutBack Power - MPPT Solar Charge Controllers, Inverter-Chargers & More
Xantrex - Inverter-Chargers & More
DC Power Management Systems and Generators
Polar Power efficient DC marine diesel generators for  recharging house battery systems and for electric marine propulsion
Perfect Switch POWER-GATE Rectifier Relay Devices - choose from a large selection of 99.9% efficient solid state relays, battery isolators, OR'ing diodes, Low Voltage Disconnects and more.
Polar Power DC Generators - the ultimate in efficiency for recharging battery banks with DC direct charging for Marine, RV, Industry and more.
Electric Marine Propulsion Systems:
Elco Motor Yachts - Inboard high efficiency electric motors from 6HP to 100 HP
Elco Motor Yachts Electric Outboard Motors - 5 HP, 9.9 HP, 14 HP, 20 HP, 30 HP and 50 HP

Call Pinnacle Innovations at 604-510-0800 or
Send us an Email

Athens, New York
Call Pinnacle Innovations at 604-510-0800 or
Send us an Email

OutBack Power Off-grid and solar power electrical systems for cabins, homes, recreational properties, commercial projects and more...

We offer OutBack's complete line of products including:

  • OutBack Radian Series
  • Off-Grid Inverter Chargers for Homes, RV and Marine
  • Solar Charge Controllers
  • MATE and MATE2 Inverter Controllers
  • Grid and Hybrid Energy Solutions
  • Complete and Ready to Install Pre-wired and Tested E-Panels and more...
Give us a call at 604-510-0800 or send us an email for more information and a quote on specific components, a prewired and tested system or a complete solar energy system complete with 98% efficient lithium-ion batteries.

Find out more on our Solar Power Page here...


Pinnacle Innovations was established back in 1997. We are a well established diversified company that specializes in emerging technologies and proven, technically advanced products.

Our Founder and Company President, David Flather, has a Commerce Business Degree from the University of British Columbia (Marketing/ Finance Degree). Over the years Mr. Flather has continued to upgrade his skills - training with XML Search Engine Developers, Programmers and Graphic Designers and practicing advanced electrical system design and installation.

Mr. Flather has succesfully managed several large companies, including Public Companies and Private Companies. As an Entrepreneur with great creative abilities, he has transformed Pinnacle Innovations into the diversified company it is today.

At Pinnacle Innovations, we vigorously research and test all of our products and services developed in-house. For all other products and services we also perform extensive testing and research before we offer them to our valued Customers and Clients. This allows us to fully back all our Products and Services to ensure superior Customer Satisfaction and Customer Service.

We have a very well balanced background in Business with extensive experience in:

  • Marketing
  • Clean Energy Systems and Electronics:
    • Leading Battery Technologies (Lithionics Lithium-ion Battery Systems)
    • Innovative LED Lighting (Architectural Signage/ Commercial/ Automotive/ Bicycle)
    • Sophisticated vehicle electrical systems for cars, trucks and boats
  • Electric Marine Propulsion: Both inboard and outboard DC powered electric marine engines from 5 horsepower to 100 horespower for boats and yachts ranging from 10 feet to 100 feet.
  • General Fabrication, Machining and Welding

We are proud to follow exceptional Ethical Business Practices. This applies to all of our business dealings:

  • with Customers
  • with Suppliers
  • with Product Selection (we seek products with Environmental Benefits and prohibit products involving unfair labour practices and prohibit products that involve animal testing).
Customer Property:
Customers - Please be sure to pick up your property promptly. Although we do our very best to accomodate Customers, we cannot be responsible for unclaimed goods after 60 days unless prior arrangements are made.

Be sure to check our "Overview of our Lithium-ion Batteries" page.

There you can find out about all the advantages of using our Lithium-ion Batteries from Lithionics Battery, as well as determine what battery will replace your existing lead-acid battery.

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