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~ Quick Summary of our Most Popular Batteries with links to ~

Lithionics Lithium-ion Batteries WITH internal NeverDie Battery Management System (BMS)
- for Parallel Connection Only

Lithionics Lithium-ion Battery ModulesWITHOUT NeverDie Battery Management System (BMS)
- for Series AND Parallel Connections
Note: In the model numbers below you will see a letter "A" with 2 or 3 digits in front of the letter "A". The "A" refers to the Amp Hour Capacity of the battery. Example: In model
number GT 12V600A-F24-Module, the "600A" means the battery has 600 Amp hours capacity.
Low Cost AGM
Part Numbers:
Single Unit
Prices* $USD:
Series12 Volt
Part Numbers:
Single Unit
Prices* $USD:
12V 130A Group 31-LRBM8
GTX Series
12 Volt Part Numbers:
Single Unit
Prices* $USD:
GTX 12V320A-E2107-CS200
GTX 12V630A-E2112-CS200
GT and GTX Series
24 Volt Part Numbers:
Single Unit
Prices* $USD:
GT and GTX Series 51 Volt Part Numbers:
Single Unit
Prices* $USD:
GT Series 102 Volt Part
Single Unit
Prices* $USD:

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Lithionics lithium-ion batteries are the perfect high performance, compact, lightweight and long lasting solution for:

  • Recreational Vehicles - Class A/B/C motorhomes and travel trailers
  • Yachts and Sailboats
  • Industrial Applications
  • Low Speed Electric Vehicle (LSV) and Electric Marine Propulsion Systems

Please visit our main and current website for currently available Lithionics Lithium-ion Battery Models.

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Click here for details of the high performance Lithionics GTX Series 12 Volt 630 Amp UL certified lithium-ion battery module.
Pinnacle Innovations offers products by these respected
Manufacturers through our other website at
Lithium-ion Batteries, NeverDie Battery Management Systems & more:
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Off-Grid/ Hybrid Clean Energy and Solar Energy Products:

Click here for more info on Xantrex and Victron Energy high power inverter-chargers
OutBack Power - MPPT Solar Charge Controllers, Inverter-Chargers & More
Xantrex - Inverter-Chargers & More
DC Power Management Systems and Generators
Polar Power efficient DC marine diesel generators for  recharging house battery systems and for electric marine propulsion
Perfect Switch POWER-GATE Rectifier Relay Devices - choose from a large selection of 99.9% efficient solid state relays, battery isolators, OR'ing diodes, Low Voltage Disconnects and more.
Polar Power DC Generators - the ultimate in efficiency for recharging battery banks with DC direct charging for Marine, RV, Industry and more.
Electric Marine Propulsion Systems:
Elco Motor Yachts - Inboard high efficiency electric motors from 6HP to 100 HP
Elco Motor Yachts Electric Outboard Motors - 5 HP, 9.9 HP, 14 HP, 20 HP, 30 HP and 50 HP

Find out more on our Solar Power Page here or on our Lithionics Battery Lithium-ion Battery Website's "Solar Power Page".


Click here for details on the currently available Lithionics Battery high performance lithium-ion batteries....

Lithium-ion Batteries from 130 to 1,260 Amp hours capacity.
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Click here for details on large scale lithium-ion batteries
Click here for details on large scale lithium-ion batteries

Lithium-ion Batteries:
By Lithionics Battery - Factory in Clearwater, Florida

We are proud to be the first Supplier in Canada for these superior, light weight, environmentally friendly and high performance lithium-ion batteries for all applications.

Our Lithium-ion Batteries have many advantages for Consumers and Industry across all markets. The following are just a few of the Markets we are serving:

Alternate Energy Systems:
Solar Energy Projects
Run of River Hydro Projects
Off-Grid/ Grid-Tie Energy Projects Commercial Energy Systems

Complete Electric Power Solutions:
Visit our Alternate Electricity/ Clean Energy Page on

Click here for more details on this Lithionics high performance 12 Volt internal BMS lithium-ion battery with 320 Amp hours capacity

This 12 Volt high performance GTX Series Lithionics Battery lithium-ion battery has 320 Amp hours capacity, the internal BMS, automated internal battery heater and the Bluetooth SOC system for your phone.
It weighs just 68 pounds and takes up less space than two 100 to 130 Amp hour Group 31 12 Volt batteries and has as much as 285% more usable capacity!

Elco Motor Yacht: Complete turn-key electric marine and hybrid diesel-electric marine propulsion systems for yachts and sailboats

Pure Electric Marine Propulsion and Hybrid Diesel-Electric Marine Propulsion Systems
Elco Electric Outboard Motors
Elco electric outboard motors are the affordable, reliable alternative to Torqeedo electric outboard marine engines.
Elco electric iboard yacht motors
Elco electric inboard yacht motors

We are pleased to offer the prestigious line of Elco Motor Yacht electric marine propulsion systems. Elco Motor Yacht was established over 120 years ago and is a World leader in the most efficient marine electric motors including hybrid diesel-electric marine systems.

Elco Electric Yachts offers highly efficient, cost effective inboard DC Electric Marine Engines. Choose from 6 different models for sailboats, yachts and pleasure craft measuring from 20 feet to 100 feet or more. These purely electric or hybrid electic motors replace diesel engines with Horsepower Ratings from 6 HP to 125 HP and higher. We can also run twin electric motors to increase power or for certain yachts with twin engines as well as catamarans.

Elco Electric Yachts also offers powerful, lightweight and long lasting electric outboard motors with 5HP, 9.9HP, 14HP, 20HP, 30HP and 50HP.
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